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A Letter of appreciation

Dear Sirs, Greetings! Today my wife bought me a packet of Insoles made by your company. It was such a joy to handle an Australian made product. The Insoles fitted well and are comfortable.

1. Good instructions

2. Well packaged & presented.

Be encouraged, keep up the good work. Our wishes for heaps of favour and success to your company.


Arnold & Rabia

August, 2012





New Improved Heel Shields!

As promised, I wanted to report back and say that the new heel shields are fantastic! They stuck tight all weekend, and were very comfortable.
And I'm a total convert to the gel ball of foot cushions, they are really great.
Thank you for the excellent customer service. You have yourself a faithful customer in the future, and I'll be recommending the products to friends.
Kind regards

On Aug 22, 2012





Orthotics (I love them)


Having suffered from painful feet due to over pronation and arthritis for years I have just discovered your orthotic inserts. I can't believe how good they make my feet feel. I use them all day everyday.
I love them. Thankyou.

Neil, VIC





Love your product

Congratulations on your shoe polish. For years I have used another well known brand with a ridiculous metal twist opener. The product was good, but the packaging was terrible. Hard to open, even worse to close. The answer, a simple jam jar lid. Thank you. I wish more products would look at their packaging. Love your product

Sue, Adelaide





Wonderfully Warm

I received my Insoles and the lambswool is just wonderfully warm and comfortable. Thankyou very very much. I will tell everyone.

Chrissy, WA





Ahhh Moment






Fantastic Product

 Thankyou for my Advanced Memory Insoles which I received today.Have already worn them out today and My feet are not hurting or Burning with my Court Shoes. Fantastic product and Feels really Comfortable. Thankyou so Much.









Australian Made


I just wanted to say that I chose to purchase your 'Foam Latex Comfort Insoles' today, over your competitors purely because this product was made in Australia. To me, a product made in Australia implies that workers are covered by Australian laws and would thus not be exploited as workers in countries such as China, would be.

Thanks for keeping your manufacturing in Australia!

Jacquelin, NSW